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Welcome to Safe Harbor's Compulsive Gambler Page. Here you will find the link to the Posting Board and 
entry to the Chat Room. Below is the schedule of Online Meetings. These meetings are held in the Meeting Room at the days and times listed below. To attend a meeting enter a User Name below. You will be taken to a window with two tabs. Click on the Rooms tab. There you will see the following rooms:Chat Lobby - general chat open 24/7.

 After you have entered the room click on the Users tab to view all the participants. In order to maintain an atmosphere of sharing and caring, where we all feel safe to share openly, the following guidelines and rules are a necessity. There will be zero tolerance for personal attacks, character assassinations, or illegal posts as defined by Safe Harbor's Service Providers. These types of posts will be deleted as soon as possible with notification to the poster. The poster will be  banned for a length of time to be determined by the committee that oversees this site. 

Also, if any posts are found to be offensive for other reasons, a warning will be issued to the poster. After three warnings the poster will be banned. Again, the length of time would be determined by a vote.

Lets all work together to maintain this peaceful and loving site. Thank you.

 *Please contact the OC to volunteer for service work by Chairing a meeting.

This page was last updated: March 18, 2020

*This site is not affiliated with any 12 Step Program and reserves the right to deny access to anyone who does not abide by the guidelines stated below.
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Gamblers Anonymous International Service Office

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Gamblers Anonymous International Meeting Directory

Gamblers Anonymous International Meeting Directory

The first Board of Trustees approved telephone meeting conference call is being held on Wednesday evenings at 9 PM ET (GMT -5).
Dial 712-770-4160
Conference ID 611704#
Details can be found at this link
Pass the information on to all the GA members in your area. Some Canadian callers may have difficulty dialing in using the main number and should connect using 559-546-1400 and then following the given instructions.
If you have any questions about the telephone meeting conference call or need support between these calls, use this email: wednesday9pmhelp@gmail.com

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